Monday, August 1, 2011

Lynnderella's Creations Shapeshifter over China Glaze OMG

  Today I have some happy, happy, joy, joy spam for you featuring Lynnderella's Shapeshifter. Usually I only do two to three pictures for my posts, yet I couldn't control myself on this one. There is just so much holo goodness going on, that it was impossible to NOT do more than four pictures.

 I love the way Shapeshifter looks in the bottle, but I was unsure of what base color would best compliment this holo glitter bomb. One of Lynnderella's swatches of this polish was over a silver holo and it was a combo that at first glance didn't catch my attention. I just didn't think the holo base color would even show through. Boy, was I ever wrong!

 I had been lemming China Glaze's OMG for quite some time now, and hadn't acquired it due to the insane price tag on eBay. Just when I thought I would never obtain this amazing polish, I happened across Lacquerish's blog sale due to a Google search on Lynnderella's polishes. She is the nicest person I have ever encountered online and she still has some great polishes for sale, so check out her blog sale and see if anything catches your eye! Sorry for getting off track for a moment there, but back to OMG. I used three coats of this with no base coat, since basecoats tend to not work well with holo's.

A sun picture of OMG. Isn't it amazing?!?


 I hope you're sitting down for this next part, because it gets even better. I wore OMG for two days and I loved every minute of it. The only thing is that it's hard for me to keep the same nail polish on for more than a few days, even if I absolutely love it. It's just that there's so much polish to go through and so little time! I wasn't quite ready to take it off and I would have loved to do some stamping, if I owned any plates. So, since I was ready to change my look, but not ready to get rid of my base, I decided to do a duplicate of Lynnderella's swatch.

 Shapeshifter is another amazing glitter creation and every single glitter in this polish is holo! There are half moons, stars, diamonds, large squares, hearts, hexagons and bars in a mixture of, you guessed it, holo micro glitter in a clear base. It's a little tricky to get a full look with this polish, so I had to fish out some shapes with an orange stick.

Shade picture.

Sun picture. Ooooh!! 

Another sun picture.  

A closeup in the sun. 

Yet another sun picture. ^_^ 

 I could literally look at these pictures all day. There is just so much going on with the different glitters and to top it off they're holo!! Really, what's not to love about this polish?

*Currently Lynnderella has post-poned her fall collection indefinitely, and her shop is closed at the moment. However, you can follow here here to make sure you don't miss the update when she reopens her shop.

*** FYI Lacquerish's blog is having a giveaway of one of Lynnderella's polishes, Snow Angel. This could be a great way to get ahold of it, if you win of course. She's trying to get to 100 followers. Don't miss out! Check out her Snow Angel giveaway!!


  1. Wow gorgeous layering! Don't think I could ever keep my eyes off it!

  2. zomgz that glitter is so amazing! i love all the crazy different particles (: sighss i'm so jealous, can't believe you got a hold of OMG!

  3. @Liz I know, it's definitely not a polish that is safe for driving. Btw I already have a picture for you FFAN!

    @Eileen I couldn't believe it either when it arrived in the mail. It's really amazing.


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