Thursday, August 18, 2011

Claire's Mood Color Changing Nail Polish in Flirty/Shy

 This is a polish I always wanted to try and I was really excited when I found it in a blog sale. I was surprised to see that this polish actually dried matte, yet application was really smooth. I did two coats of the polish with a coat of Diamond Dry. It might be because I'm easily amused, but I had so much fun applying this polish!! The colors were literally changing right before my eyes.

  This is Shy.

This is Flirty.

Here you can see Shy towards the cuticle and Flirty towards the tips.

A closeup.

 I still have a couple more blue NOTD's to post but I think I'm over my blue craze! It was fun while it lasted, however I'm thinking I will revisit the blues once Les Jeans de Chanel come out next month. 


  1. Whoaaa trippy! I wonder how awesome the gradient would be if you grew out your nails super long!

  2. i think that's a pretty awesome blue laq. i love how its a gradient. i think it has other wild colors. must be lovely!

  3. @Eileen yes! It would look awesome but sadly I had to file mine down. Grr.

    @Kumiko Mae It is a beautiful blue and it's cool how it's an instant gradient!


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