Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kickoff to Lynnderella's Week with Mercurial

 I am super excited to be doing Lynnderella Week and since I have seven of her polishes to show you, I am having to start on Sunday. I have to say that my favorite type of nail polishes are the ones with glitter. I absolutely adore them and cannot get enough of them. That being said, there is no mystery as to why I am in love with Lynderella's Creations.  Each one of her polishes is as unique as the next and they truly have no equal.

 To kickoff Lynnderella's Week, I have decided to spotlight on Mercurial. Above, I swatched this polish on an index card because I feel that the details of this polish is best seen this way. As you can see, there are many different shapes and sizes glitter. There are small, medium and large silver hexagons, small lilac hexagons, and small silver squares all mixed in a silver microglitter base with a hint of gray. This polish is almost jellyish except that it doesn't transfer like that on the nail. There's just enough amount of gray tint in this polish to create full coverage with two to three coats, depending on application. When I first wore this polish, I did three coats, but in my opinion the best way to wear this polish is with a black base. There is so much glitter in this polish, that if you attempt to use it alone, you will end up with a thick manicure.

This is semi-shade. There is one lonely large hex glitter on my middle finger. The polish doesn't have too many large hex glitters, but I think it works best that way. Too much large glitters would only take away from the effect of this polish.

Sun picture.


 Before I knew about the danger of mercury, I used to break thermometers and dump the mercury in a plastic bottle cap and just pick at it with a toothpick. I was so amazed by it and loved seeing it separate. This polish has that same consistency. Some people might find this a little thick, but I enjoyed applying it because it took me back to my mercury loving days. I don't know why this is named Mercurial because other than the consistency, the polish itself reminds me more of outer space. It just has that "out of this world" look and looking at it makes me want to watch Nova! (Nova is show about everything space related and it airs on KERA.)

*Currently Lynnderella has post-poned her fall collection indefinitely, and her shop is closed at the moment. However, you can follow here here to make sure you don't miss the update when she reopens her shop.


  1. Haha omg I can't believe you used to play with mercury! I've never done so, but it sure sounds interesting lol. & OMG your nails! It reminds me of this really cool crystallized rock I had when I was younger, I got it as a souvenir when I went on a tour of the Grand Canyon (:

  2. Lol yea, it was really fun, until I found out it was harmful. Aw, did you lose it?

  3. Haha hopefully you didn't do it too much! Hrm I haven't seen it in years since we remodeled the house.. but I'm sure it's in there somewhere!

  4. I love, love, love this!!! But, where can I buy it???? It's absolutely amazing! Would be great for New Years Eve!! Thanks...Stacey

  5. @Anonymous This is actually a hand made polish, but they should be up for sale soon on


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