Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Water Marble Week: Disco Ball

 I envinsioned today's manicure going a lot smoother, sadly that wasn't the case. I always start with my left hand and I had another fail! Once I got started on my right hand, I started getting carried away with creating lines and well, the final look ended up being more squiggly than half flowers. I wasn't satisfied at all with this, so I decided to add a layer of Disco Ball and it actually helped brighten up my mani.

 I used Wet Cement, Mint Sorbet and Lacey Lilac over a white base. I tried to darken the colors by adding double drops of each polish, but that ended up in a huge disaster! I did the double drop with the teal mani and I think that worked out well, since it was only one color being darkened. It was way too much polish, though for this water marble and everything kind of just merged into one big glop of polish. I had to settle for a pastel look, which I like, but I just wish it had been a tad darker.

 Shade picture.

Sun picture. 

Here's a picture of my pre-cleanup on my left hand. I think my biggest issue with clean up is that I tend to get it all the way down my fingers. This problem could be easily fixed, if I would just tape further down, but no I refuse to think I'm messy everytime I start a water marble. 

  My final water marble for the week will be blue themed, and I really hope that it turns out better than this one. I will also tape further down this time, to avoid the mess on my fingers. So yea, in conclusion, cleanup can be a B if you let it, but with proper taping it can be avoided. Lol I haven't used "in conclusion" in years... just felt like using it. ^_^


  1. Ahh this is why I'm scared to try water marbling--cause of the clean up! How do you get the polish around your cuticles off so neatly?

  2. I use an ELF concealer brush and a Target eyeliner brush dipped in pure acetone. It works great for cleanup.

  3. I absolutely love the lilac with the mint! I am always drawn to pastels. I think you've done a beautiful job. I have the lilac, but I've got to get the mint. I have never worn green, but I think it will be ok on me. Thank you for posting these photos, I really enjoy seeing the creativity.


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