Thursday, July 7, 2011

Matte Barbie

 I had so many manicures planned for last week and this week, but as you all know... life happens. The first thing that happened was that last week our AC went out and we thought it was a simple fix, but it turned out to be the compressor! My house has been over 90 degrees, and because it was so hot we had been staying at my parent's house. To top it off I couldn't blog at my parent's house, since they don't have internet and I was limited to the manicures I did on myself because I was busy doing everyone else's nails. Lol I admit I love painting other people's nails, but I really wanted to get some swatching done, at least.

 So that was that, but then our puppy, Mickey, passed away. We have no idea what happened, but when we awoke Thursday he was already dead. I was so sad because he was such a good puppy, but my husband took it even worse. He was the primary one who looked after him and played with him.

 Even though, that was a sad day for us, the next day, unbeknownst to me, was our six year wedding anniversary! Usually, it's the other way around, but with all the stuff going on, it totally slipped my mind. Oops! He later admitted at our dinner that he had also forgotten, and because he didn't have time he wasn't able to get me much or anything too special. However, it was so awesome when he pulled out two nail polishes at dinner and he told me that he went into Ulta to pick them out. I think the most awesome part of all was that he actually went into Ulta, he has only been into that store once with me because he says it's a "girl" store.

 On to some oh so pretty nail polish!! I did this combination once before when I first received them, and I was anxious to wear them both. The first time I did it, I really loved it, but the next day I had a parent teacher meeting so I changed my manicure to a more "mom" look. This time, however, I was able to enjoy it a wee bit longer. I don't know why, but this combo totally reminds me of Barbie, hence the title.

This is in the shade with three coats. Pink is Lolly and blue is Phoebe. Phoebe is matte blue shimmer, Lolly is a straight up matte polish. They are both so beautiful though.

Sun picture.

Shade picture with top coat. So glossy!

Sun picture with top coat.

 I need more practice with matte polishes. I had a difficult time getting it to even out, but I attribute that to my poor skills with the matte finishes. Anyways! Good news is that our AC is now up and running and I am once again able to blog! I almost forgot, we got a new puppy this week!! I know it's a little soon, but I couldn't stand seeing my husband so sad. I didn't know what else to do to make him feel better. So, our newest member of the family is a German Shepherd and his name is Dexter. I'll post a pic tomorrow of him. He's soooo adorable!

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