Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Essie's: French Affair, Nice is Nice, and Coat Azure

 Essie is a brand that has never really caught my attention because I tend to gravitate to colors that are brighter and bolder when shopping for nail polish. Lately, I've actually been buying lighter shades and when I found this collection on sale, I couldn't resist. The only thing that kind of bothered me, was that the brush is tiny! It took me a few nails to get used to it, but it's actually not that bad.

 This is French Affair in the shade. I used three coats, but if you have short nails, you can get away with two.

French Affair in the sun. I absolutely loved how this color looked on my skintone and I am looking forward to buying more pinks like this one.

Nice is Nice is a beautiful lilac, I used three coats for this one as well.

Nice is Nice in the sun.

... and my favorite of all... Coat Azure. Even though I liked the other two colors, I still can't help but love brighter colors. However, this one isn't a bright blue at all, it's more of a shimmery, dusty blue.  Two coats on this color would have been perfect, but for consistency, I went ahead and did three.

You can see the shimmer in Coat Azure much better in the sun.

 Overall, now that I own Essie polishes I wish I hadn't overlooked them because they really are great quality nail polishes. I just wish they would broaden their color scheme, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that.


  1. I almost got these too! But I resisted because I already have Lilacism, and not much else was left once I got the chance to check out the sale (: I'm not a huge fan out Essie polishes because I don't like their brushes. Soo small and they're a bit stiffer than OPI or China Glaze brushes, so some colors make it really hard to get an even coat. They do have great colors though!

  2. Yes, their brushes left much to be desired, but they still have some interesting colors out there. I was thinking about getting Lilacism. Do you think they're dupes?

  3. Mmm possibly? I'm not too nitpicky with dupes though, because the subtle differences are hardly distinguishable imo lol


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