Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Water Marble Week: Sunkissed

 The third water marble for this week turned out to be the best one I have ever done. I used Green with Envy, Mellow Yellow and Sunkissed with a white base. I think I'm getting the hang of it, but I'm still far from being good at it. The most difficult part to me is getting the design to be as closely as possible for each nail. Although, the whole point, to me, of water marble is to get random designs, I like consistency. So, I might starting taking pictures of the polish in the water before I dip my nail to use as a guide for the rest of the nails.

Shade picture. I really loved how my index finger came out. I wish I knew how I did this lol.

Sun picture. Here you can really see the green polish. It's such a pretty color.

I decided to add some oomph to this mani with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Click on the picture to see the flakes!

 I was so happy with this water marble! I only wished I was able to rock it for more than a day. Now that I have started blogging, it seems like my manicures are only on my hands for a day and sometimes just hours. Still, I love it and I'm sure I'll have tons of time later to redo some of my favorite ones... Right??


  1. This looks SO awesome! I'd totally go for consistency with these too, cause I can see them looking really messy when random. You did a fab job, I can't wait to try these out now! (:

  2. Aw.. you're too sweet, tomorrow's won't be so great lol. Thank you, though! I love your comments!

  3. Vibrant! It reminds me of sunshine and our Florida citrus! Great look!


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